The Ideal and the Real

My Ideal: To create a domestic Church and "set my own lands in order"; to nurture a love for nature in this over-developed city; a love for music with my very meagre skills; an understanding of beauty in a world that doesn't: to build healthy bodies and souls in a culture fattened on instant self gratification, no matter what the cost: to raise my boys into manly men in a society hell-bent on emasculating them: to raise my daughters to be not just strong women but true ladies, as well.
The Real: We live in an old old house, which drives us to distraction with repairs and anchors my heart. We have enough land for ponies and chickens, meat sheeps and milk goats. I am still working on a proper vegetable garden . . . and i pray another dog is somewhere in our future. Slowly, slowly, i am discovering a strong community that understands the importance of art, beauty, and the sacred: sacred moments in every day life, and truly sacred spaces for glorious and fitting worship. Here is my chronicle of joys, frustrations, and occasionally, humor--i hope! as i am repeatedly humbled by the unexpected moments of grace in my feeble striving.
This blog is my outlet, my record for those i love who are so very far away. Occasionally i get around to posting more philosophical and academic thoughts on this little blog of Wonder.